The GREAT EWAP No. 4, dated August 11 2020 for Gold October 2020 Contract (Interim Report)

The GREAT EWAP No. 4, dated August 11 2020 for Gold October Contract (Interim Report)

August 11, 2020.

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Recap of The GREAT EWAP No. 3

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Now here is the GREAT EWAP No. 4 dated August 11, 2020.

You can find the beautiful Chart at –

The GREAT EWAP No. 4 Dated August 11, 2020

As per the GREAT EWAP No. 4, the price is at the prematured stage of forming bearish Zigzag pattern of Sub Micro Wave (4). The Sub Micro Wave (1) to (3) have been completed with (2) Sub Micro Wave formed as Expanded Flat. Therefore I am expecting Sub Micro Wave (4) is in the formation if the price completes it’s five Wave at Miniscule Degree.

Invalidation Signal.

The analysis will be invalid if Miniscule Wave 1 low at 54717 is violated.

(Chart Courtesy- The chart is published with the permission of Zerodha.)
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The GREAT EWAP welcomes comments and suggestions. After all, the future is a game of probability and not a certainty.


I am not a SEBI registered investment advisor and Research Analyst. The GREAT EWAP is a purely personal view based upon the principle of Elliott Wave.

The Elliott Wave Analysis No. 3 is for educational purpose. Consult your investment advisor or become the GREAT on your own by joining at the

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