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Introduction of Founder

Thegreat.co.in is the outcome of study of 10 years in the world of Elliott Wave Principle, covering Indian stock market, Currency Market, Commodity market, International market and trading experience with the various tips providers, Trainers, Trading institutions.

After having 10 years an experience in terms of acquisition of essential knowledge and experience, self claimed First Indian Marathi Bhashik Elliott Wave Analyst “FIMBEWA” emerged to fill the lacuna to avoid big stop loss/stop out in trading, with his unique Golden Ratio Trading Strategies (“GRTS”)

To make an independent, consistence profitable trader and teach the right knowledge of the said “GRTS” www.thegreat.co.in has been created for newbie’s traders and even experience traders, investors or anyone who is looking to set up trading as full time career without depending on any tips provider.


“FIMBEWA” is self claimed declaration by Vijay Badgujar. Vijay is as Gold Medalist Advocate (Gold Medal 2007). He has studied law from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedakr Memorial College, Deopur, Dhule from University i.e. erstwhile North Maharashtra University, Now known as Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University).

He is presently rendering his service of legal proficiency to the international reputed LLP of Solicitors & Advocate situated in Mumbai and in part time pursuing his passion as Educator and Trainer through www.thegreat.co.in.

Trading career of FIMBEWA

FIMBEWA realized that, trading in any script requires own funds. Borrowed money will not make trading fruitful. 

Founder's Achievements

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